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Elevation Sports Agency established in 2012, strive for excellence in all facets of athlete management. We apply our principle of ‘elevating your game’ to all areas of our work, so while you’re doing what you do best – we are working hard for you away from this.

ESA have a diverse client base representing athletes in AFL, Cricket and Basketball. Our honest, hardworking and attention to detail approach have earned us the respect of sporting bodies and athletes alike. As a result of our approach ESA have helped guide many athletes in reaching the pinnacle of their chosen sport by providing them with the skills, services and guidance required by world class athletes.

The Team

ESA head office is in Melbourne, however with staff Australia wide, our services are delivered nationally. Our blend of business professionals and professional athletes bring experience in all facets of life to our clients.

Michael is the director of Elevation Sports and has been in the sporting industry for over a decade. He has a passion for guiding and developing the careers of young athletes and his broad knowledge of Australian sport brings experience to all facets of all ESA client careers. Well credentialed and accredited with the AFL, FIBA & ACA, Michael is excellently placed to provide ESA clients with strategic guidance and direction both in and out of sport.


Zach is a passionate agent who spent five years at Cricket Victoria experiencing the pathway. A ACA Accredited Cricket Agent and an expert in player relations, Zach focuses on maintaining a positive relationship with players and assisting them in all areas of their life. Zach has a strong background in coaching and youth development, with a heavy community engagement focus. His networks throughout the Australian Cricket System provide our players with the best opportunity to succeed.


Marcel is an experienced executive with expertise in marketing, media and brand development. He has consulted widely to individuals, multinational sporting organisations and global services companies. Marcel has received numerous business awards including representing Australia at the Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) in Chicago, USA as the 2007 Australian Student Entrepreneur of the Year.  Marcel’s passion for competitive sport and business contributed to his success in the sporting industry. Marcel works tirelessly to establish and protect our Elevation Sports athletes brands and source and negotiate high level partnerships off the field.


Julius, an associate director with Marin, brings experience in tax advisory and compliance for Elevation Sports athletes. Julius’s qualifications include Bachelor of Business & Commerce (Accounting) (Sports Management) Member of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and he has had years in previous experience advising clients ranging in size from SME to large corporates. Julius enjoys working with driven individuals such as athletes who he can help with the finance function of their lives allowing them to concentrate on their business’ growth. Julius guides young Elevation Sports athletes in all aspects of tax management.


Greg Javardian. Greg also has a background in sports law and sports management. Greg previously worked at I AM Sports & Entertainment, a basketball agency. Greg’s responsibilities at Elevation include recruiting, contract negotiation and marketing services to our athletes. Given his extensive scouting background, Greg knows basketball. He is perfectly situated to understand what is required of a player both within the NBA and internationally.



Contract Services

With 15+ years combined experience in athlete management, ESA have the experience and creativity to negotiate the best contract suited to your needs, career ambition and situation. Detailed knowledge of the AFL, Cricket & Basketball landscape allows us to understand your value and negotiate contracts based on this.


Financial Management

Understanding the investment market and challenges associated with setting up your life post sport is something ESA place a heavy emphasis on. We are partnered with leading financial and investment advisory firms who assist you with the education and support required to navigate the financial challenges associated with a professional sporting career.

In particular our services cover;

– Banking
– Property
– Tax
– Sharemarket
– Financial Planning

Media & Social Media Training

The globalization of sport and the media coverage that has grown with the game
has resulted in today’s professionals being constantly under the microscope.
24 hour media coverage and a multitude of social media platforms have brought
athletes and fans closer than ever before. ESA are able to offer our clients media
and social media training, giving them the opportunity to understand how best
to develop their personal brands and avoid the pitfalls.


Post Career Transition

Retirement can be extremely difficult to cope with if
elite athletes are not adequately prepared and have not planned for such an event.
This lack of preparation can leave athletes vulnerable to the challenges of retirement.
ESA offer advice and guidance on post-career planning, allowing elite athletes to make
sense of the opportunities, barriers and needs for career development, planning and
education to prepare athletes, young and old, for a life after sport.



Sports Marketing, Sponsorships, Endorsements and Ambassadorial

Athletes are brands, with a broad group of stakeholders. Marketing
your brand involves determining the most appropriate partners,
sponsors and endorsement strategies. ESA has decades of experience
in managing global brands and can provide expertise in the decisions
relating to your brand development and management.

As your profile rises through your endeavors in the sporting arena,
ESA work with you to shape and build your profile allowing you to
forge alliances with leading brands and opening opportunities in
many industries.

ESA has experience working with many of Australia’s top sporting
and non sporting brands, our clients are connected with businesses that are an extension of your lifestyle, whether it be TV, newspaper, radio or digital platforms. ESA works tirelessly to establish, protect and grow your brand.

Athletes may choose to use their profiles in community or professional
situations alike. ESA have guided many of our athletes in working with
third parties to setup charity situations or commercial arrangements
as ambassadors.


ESA represent a number of athletes from diverse sporting backgrounds.
Many of these athletes are respected role models and embrace community
endeavours as well as being available for media and endorsements.
If you wish to get in contact with any of our athletes please fill in our form here.

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